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Unlike 50 years ago receiving a college diploma in today's job market is vitally important to not only landing a job, but landing a career. Employers have dozens - if not hundreds - of potential employees to sift through, when they are looking for a new member of their business. Those applicants who do not have a college degree listed on their resume are usually not given a second glance, let alone a phone call. Conversely, applicants who have received a bachelor's degree or higher are the ones who are usually successful in landing an interview, and hopefully a job. Not only is it important to receive a college degree, but it's also quite helpful if that degree is from a respected, recognized and prestigious university. We've compiled a list of the top 5 universities in the United States, based on several factors, including quality of education, various degrees and programs offered and feedback from alumni at those institutions.

1) Harvard University - Located in Cambridge, MA, Harvard has been recognized for almost 400 years as the top university in America. Any school that has been around for 376 years has to be good, right? Harvard is well known as a prestigious law school and also has popular programs in business, engineering. medical and more. Tuition can cost upwards of $40,000 but the education received - and subsequent careers due to that education - will be well worth the money, to those that are able to afford it.

2) Princeton University - Harvard's neighbor to the south, Princeton University is also a highly respected university that adequately prepares students for the challenging job market that lies ahead. Princeton is most recognized for it's degrees in Anthropology, Engineering, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Molecular Biology. Princeton is slightly less expensive than Harvard, at around $38,000 for tuition.

3) Yale University - Yale is often recognized as Harvard's most notorious rival in both academics as well as athletics. Students who attend Yale can choose from degrees in Law, Architecture, Art, Nursing, Forestry and more. While Yale is most popular for its law school, it is perhaps one of the best overall schools for quality of every program. In fact, between the 14 academic programs it offers, none of them are really inferior to one another. Yale takes pride in the fact that all of their programs are top-notch. The only downside is that it was the most expensive school in the country last year.

4) Columbia University - New York City boasts the Empire State's oldest university at around 250 years old. Columbia University is conveniently located in NYC and is renowned for its Journalism, Nursing and Architecture programs. It also offers programs in Law, Business, Engineering and many more. Columbia University has one of the largest undergraduate programs in the country and is able to offer students a wide variety of programs. This year, Columbia University even beats out Yale in expense, at over $47,000 in tuition fees.

5) Stanford University - Stanford University, which actually has its own zip code and is technically a city, is located near Palo Alto, CA and is renowned nationwide as the top school for medicine in the United States. Alumni from Stanford interact in perhaps the most alumni events of any school in the country, which certainly pays homage to its prestigious reputation. Stanford also has quality programs in Engineering, Business, Education and Earth Sciences.