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Top Community Colleges in America

For many prospective students community college is the first step towards receiving a 4-year degree from a recognized university. For others it is the end of the road, in terms of their education, where they will receive a 2-year degree. There are over 5,000 community colleges in the United States, so students should certainly be able to find one that can accommodate their specific needs. All that is required to be accepted into a community college is a high school diploma or GED certificate. Unlike a 4-year university, junior colleges do not require a specific GPA in order for a student to be able to attend. For students who received low marks in high school, this is a great solution. They can either attend a junior college and subsequently transfer to a regular college university, or they can obtain their Associate's degree from the community college. Still some students only take a few classes at a JC (junior college), such as a few courses in the culinary arts, never receiving a degree or transferring to another college.

In no particular order, we've done the research to compile a list of the best community colleges throughout the nation. The list is based on information that encompasses student satisfaction with the school, academic success, faculty appreciation and graduation percentages. Here's the list:

  • Mayland Community College - North Carolina
  • Miami-Dade College - Florida
  • Hesston College - Kansas
  • Southern Maine Community College - Maine
  • Central Oregon Community College - Oregon
  • De Anza College - California
  • Central Carolina Community College - North Carolina
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College - Mississippi
  • College of Southern Nevada - Nevada
  • Bergen Community College - New Jersey
  • Columbus State Community College - Ohio
  • Barton County Community College - Kansas
  • Saint Paul College - Minnesota
  • Umpqua Community College - Oregon
  • Western Wyoming Community College - Wyoming
  • Skagit Valley College - Washington
  • Tacoma Community College - Washington
  • North Country Community College - New York
  • Alabama Southern Community College - Alabama
  • Frank Phillips College - Texas
  • West Hills College - California
  • Morgan Community College - Colorado
  • Patrick Henry Community College - Virginia
  • Lawson State Community College - Alabama
  • Northampton Community College - Pennsylvania
  • Vermilion Community College - Minnesota
  • Cleveland Community College - North Carolina
  • Corning Community College - New York
  • North Florida Community College - Florida
  • Green River Community College - Washington
  • Halifax Community College - North Carolina
  • Portland Community College - Oregon
  • Lake Michigan College - Michigan
  • Flathead Valley Community College - Montana
  • Northwest Vista College - Texas
  • Prince William Sound Community College - Alaska
  • Los Angeles City College - California