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Top 5 Psychology Schools in America

Psychology is an increasingly popular degree that is sought out by many college students. In fact, just over 8% of all college degrees are in the field of psychology. By definition, psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. A degree in psychology is a very versatile tool when looking for a job. This degree can be used for anything from becoming a licensed therapist to a forensic psychiatrist, working in a crime lab. One thing a student looking to enter the field of psychology must know is that for many jobs requiring this degree, a Ph.D. is highly preferred, if not required. So what schools offer the best programs in psychology? We're going to answer that for you. Schools we list are in order of best psychology programs, according to various college ranking programs.

1) Stanford University - Stanford, located near Palo Alto, CA, is renowned worldwide as a top school for anything in the medical field - this includes the field of psychology and mental health. Psychology students at Stanford can rest assured in the fact that they will be receiving the top education in the United States, when it comes to this field. Stanford offers psychology students a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, as well as a Doctorate degree in this exciting field of mental health. For students who truly want to receive the best education in psychology in the United States, Stanford University is the clear choice.

2) Harvard University - Ever since Harvard University first began their psychology program, back in the late 19th century, the school has been a leading institution, recognized as one of the elite universities for psychology. Like many other schools, Harvard will offer psychology students comprehensive, in-depth and hands-on training in this field. Under the supervision of a psychology professor, students will be allowed to sit in on mutually agreed upon appointments between actual psychiatry patients and their psychiatrists. This usually takes place on the Cambridge, MA campus. While it's a step below Stanford, Harvard University's school of psychology is still a top program for students wishing to enter this field.

3) University of California, Los Angeles - UCLA is another top school for psychology, that is located in California. Unlike Stanford, UCLA is located in Southern California, so students who are from either the southern or northern part of the state, wishing to remain close to home will have two top choices for psychology schools in their state. UCLA offers students psychology degrees as a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree. Each of these programs is recognized as a top program that will provide intricately unique and in-depth education. There are currently over 4,400 students in the undergraduate psychology program at UCLA, so one can clearly see the popularity of this program.

4) Yale University - Harvard's long-time rival in nearly all aspects of education, Yale also offers one of the elite psychology programs in the United States. Yale, like all of the top psych schools listed here, offers everything from a BA to Ph.D. in this thrilling field of education. The graduate program of psychology at Yale is notoriously difficult to get into, as the school only accepts around 15 new students into the graduate program each year. This program is a competitive yet rewarding one that most students find to be well worth their time and effort.

5) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor will educate psychology students in both undergraduate as well as graduate studies. UM provides a thrilling, challenging, rewarding and exciting psychology program that adequately prepares students for the challenging career field that awaits them, once they receive a degree. The University of Michigan's school of psychology is renowned for having the best brain imaging technology of any educational institution in the United States.